The 'House of Christian Love"
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The "HOUSE OF CHRISTIAN LOVE" is the culmination of the social contribution of the Christian Orthodox Brotherhood "CHRISTIAN ORTHODOX CORNER", to which it belongs and which for almost 60 years offers a diverse spiritual and social work.
2.1 Objective and operating principles
The "House of Christian Love» operates as a non -profit elderly care facility (officially authorized to offer such services by the Prefecture of Athens since 2005), hosting today 30 elderly women , most of which are indigent and some are blind.              
The fundamental operating principle of the “HOUSE OF CHRISTIAN LOVE” is the non-profit provision of its services to elderly women, and therefore the selection criteria for the women it hosts are purely charitable and socially based. Preferred are elderly women in need, without family environment. 
2Guided by true Christian love, as it has been taught by our Lord Jesus Christ, the HOUSE OF CHRISTIAN LOVE makes no discrimination among its inmates. Some of them may wish to donate part of their income in order to support the operation of the facility, but they should be aware that this decision does not to give them any additional rights. This way they contribute to a task, whose sole financial resources are the offerings, and donations of the members and friends of the Brotherhood "CHRISTIAN ORTHODOX CORNER”.
2.2 Historical overview
The HOUSE OF CHRISTIAN LOVE was inspired by the late Chryso Peppa, founder and spiritual mother of the CHRISTIAN ORTHODOX CORNER.
Its operation began, in a privately owned building in Melissia, during the 50s, when the CHRISTIAN ORTHODOX CORNER was fighting against the social prejudice towards the healed victims of tuberculosis. It provided to young girls with shelter, food, and, most important, love, affection and protection.
Soon after the operation of the "House of the young girl" began, the operation of the "Grandma's House" began, which originally hosted blind, elderly women in need. In the late '60s the two institutions above were co-located and operated under the common name "HOUSE OF CHRISTIAN LOVE". 
The construction of the new building of the HOUSE OF CHRISTIAN LOVE began in the 90s and was completed, with the grace of the Lord, the selfless donations of members and friends of the "CHRISTIAN ORTHODOX CORNER” and the financial support of the "Stavros S. Niarchos" Foundation by the end of 2003.
2.3 Available infrastructure and facilities.
 3The HOUSE OF CHRISTIAN LOVE is operating in a building of 1.140 sq. km. It was officially authorized to offer its services by the Prefecture of Attica in October 2005, an a non-profit Elderly Care Unit.
The building has 10 two-bed rooms and 2 three-bed rooms (each with its own bathroom) and 2 wards with 3 beds each and a special purpose bathroom. The dining room and the lounge are situated on the 3rd floor of the building. The building has, as well, all necessary and obligatory by the law, utility and service facilities.
The HOUSE OF CHRISTIAN LOVE is staffed with permanent administrative staff (director and office support), nurses, and support staff (cook, waiters - cleaners). The staff ensures on a 24-7 basis comfortable and safe living of the inmates. The HOUSE OF CHRISTIAN LOVE cooperates permanently with a doctor. 
Apart from accommodation, food and medical care the HOUSE OF CHRISTIAN LOVE provides full health care to the inmates (using obviously the insurance of each one, if available). In case of serious illness, the HOUSE OF CHRISTIAN LOVE, in consultation with their relatives, undertakes the transportation of the patient to public hospitals. Since the HOUSE OF CHRISTIAN LOVE is not a nursing unit, we do not accept elderly women suffering from serious mental and other illness.
According to the consignments of the late Chryso Peppa, the ambition of the governing Board of the "CHRISTIAN ORTHODOX CORNER” and of the management of the HOUSE OF CHRISTIAN LOVE is to supplement the social work offered by spiritual work.
The HOUSE OF CHRISTIAN LOVE, in close cooperation with the local church, takes care for the church attendance of the inmates and their participation in the sacraments of the Church, while trying, with God's help, to become an orthodox Christian, spiritual center, organizing lectures, presentations and various events for both inmates, members, friends and supporters of the Brotherhood, whose material and spiritual support it will always need.
2.4 Administration and operation
Responsible for the operation of the HOUSE OF CHRISTIAN LOVE is the governing Board of the CHRISTIAN ORTHODOX CORNER, while the day-to-day administration has been undertaken by the Director, Mrs. Georgia Tsolia.
For the admission to the HOUSE OF CHRISTIAN LOVE an application followed by supporting documents must be submitted. The governing Board of the CHRISTIAN ORTHODOX CORNER decides on this application. Any requests, problems and needs of the inmates and their relatives are handled by the Director, together with the staff.
The sole financial resources for the operation and maintenance of the HOUSE OF CHRISTIAN LOVE are donations and offerings of members, friends and supporters of the CHRISTIAN ORTHODOX CORNER, and of the inmates. This effort is also supported by many who, at regular intervals , provide food , supplies or volunteer work.
The HOUSE OF CHRISTIAN LOVE has been established as an elderly care unit with high standards of operation, which are not imposed by any legal requirements or by the pursuit of commercial profit, but by the desire to offer love, care and the best possible living conditions to our senior fellow citizens.

6_013.1 Objectives
The Brotherhood "CHRISTIAN ORTHODOX CORNER" is a charitable organization recognized by the Greek state and the Othodox Church of Greece.
3.2 Historical overview
The "CHRISTIAN ORTHODOX CORNER" was founded, by the late Chryso Peppa, in 1942, in order to cultivate the Orthodox faith and offer charity. By Decision No. 6258/1955 of the Athens Court it was recognized by the Greek State as a charity.
Significant social deeds of the Brotherhood during the difficult years of the 2nd world war, was the introduction to Greece in 1946 of the new drug against Hansen's disease (leprosy) and the fight against prejudice and social exclusion of survivors of this and other chronic diseases (tuberculosis). 
The "CHRISTIAN ORTHODOX CORNER" continues this work in the current circumstances, which culminates in funding of the construction, operation and maintenance of HOUSE OF CHRISTIAN LOVE.
Its work is both spiritual and social. The spiritual work consists, with the blessing of Greek Orthodox Church and in the dissemination of the christian truth of our Orthodox faith. The social work is realized through charities, having as compass the love of Christ.
The spiritual work includes, among others:
Regular, weekly lectures per week in the facilities of the Brotherhood, and in the HOUSE OF CHRISTIAN LOVE,
Study groups of the Bible,
Events of spiritual character (εκδηλώσεις πνευματικού περιεχομένου (theatrical performances, banquets, excursions, etc.) 
The social work includes, among others:
Regular visits of the members to hospitals and elderly care facilities,
The operation and maintenance of the HOUSE OF CHRISTIAN LOVE
3.4 Administration and operation
Member of the Brotherhood can become Orthodox Christian with zeal and interest in the issues of the Orthodox Christian faith, who contribute willingly to the achievement of the objectives of the Brotherhood.
The financial resources of the CHRISTIAN ORTHODOX CORNER are almost exclusively, contributions and donations of its members and friends.
 5, Androutsou str. GR 15127 Melissia

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